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Metaphysical, Experiential, Observational, and often Mystical Musings 


Remember. Remind. Record. ™ Love as the Result and the Way Home —

If the Prime Mover of Creation is desire, the desire to Create, then Love is its Prime Result and the Way Home. Love isn't hard. Love is the natural result of creation; loving the thing created. But it's easy to lose connection with it. Just as it's easy to lose connection to Source, or God. Here, in the third density, behind and beneath the Great Veil, we have to Try to remember that which is most natural, most true, most honest, most inherent to the nature of the cosmos. The Ether is God ITSELF, beginning its trip into expansion out of a desire to create in order to examine every part of Itself. But then, It fell in Love. It fell in love with Its creations. Love became the greatest creation It had ever known. The experience of love becoming the highest experience sought by creations, other than to simply exist. And Love became the Way to find our way back into ourselves, into Source, into the experience of oneness and belonging where even love falls away and we, once more, Are. But Love is the healer of all the harm we do to ourselves while exploring the fragments created by Experience's great compliment of adventures and natures. We find a way to love those like ourselves, who are closest to our own vibration in appearance and belief. But the further out 'other' aspects of our One Self gets from our own definition the harder we find it is to experience this Love. We begin calling names. We begin putting others in boxes, placing a label on them, and stowing them away somewhere. We can even begin to hate because we feel threatened. We believe a divergent idea will threaten our own. I have felt this way. I have hated because I was afraid that if others got what they wanted I would be forced into something I didn't want. But real hate does not exist. Fear exists; hate is its shadow. Standing out in the desert, in the great canyons and red rocks, there is no hate. There is Life. There is companionship and love and wonder. Try loving something that scares you, that brings up that rage and hate inside of you because you feel threatened by it. It's not easy. Often, I find it's easier to simply observe it, to set my Ego aside and gently place my Awareness upon it, neutrally. That helps. That's a hack that works rather splendidly, and in the end actually has a higher vibration even than personal love. That is Big Love. That is Love that accepts all differences and all experiences as part of the One Thing, as part of all creation, and every creation is loved by its creator. Every. Single. One.


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