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A Starseed is Born

I have never been a skeptic. As a child I went up in star ships and played with fourth and fifth dimensional friends. At age 7 my star family told me they would not be coming to get me anymore. I was rather unhappy about this. However, they said it was already going to be hard enough to stay here on Earth and being with them would only make it harder. So I stayed, and I began to forget. But they did not leave me alone. My SOUL gave me a dream at the age of 13. At 14, I began to write down memories of other worlds and the people there, most not so very different from the way we live here. Life, human life, is abundant in the universe. We are, in essence, everywhere. I consider myself lucky to be able to recall a few of these other worlds and these other lives I've lived. I am pleased to be able to share them with the Starseeds of Earth.

My purpose here is to Remember, Remind, and Record — Remember other lives I've lived. Remind others of their otherworldly and multi-dimensional selves. And to Record. All of these points are served in the novels that I write.

Thank you for joining me here. It would be my wish and to the fulfillment of this purpose if something in the writing resonates with you, speaks to your soul, or validates any experience of truth you may have. I am grateful for all of the other Starseeds of Earth and look forward to sharing a few of my experiences with you. 

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