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Inside of a Spaceship


Arcturian Spacegate Imprints, Arcturian Spacegate Productions, and Free Reign Films News and Updates.

The Wolves is a metaphysical short film that follows the same two men through three lives where it ends badly every time. Now, they are facing off again, except only one of them remembers that they've been here before, and how their meeting has always ended in one of them killing the other...

With my partner and his company, Free Reign Films, we are currently working on making The Wolves a feature length film. The short screenplay and short story is available on 

Copy of Front Covers Leader of Legend Saga.png

"Jeremiah is one of the hottest mechanico-techno-wizards of his day. He's wanted across the galaxy for the shit he can build out of junk. But when a contract goes south, Jeremiah has to go on the run, finding himself in the unenviable position of being saved by the last person in the Universe who would want to — his ex."

I'm very pleased to introduce JEREMIAH, How To Hotwire a '47. The story began with a song and a conversation with a friend. I started to write the novel; but long before the novel was finished, I decided to write the feature-length screenplay. A month ago, I saw that a great local Film Festival, FilmQuest, was in the last  entry-window for 2021. In five days I completed and edited the screenplay and submitted it right before midnight on the last day. I was over the moon to fall inside the top 85 of over 1500 submissions, receiving a Semi-Finalist award.

In 2023, I completed the novel, Jeremiah, How to Hot-Wire a Spacecraft. Available now on Amazon. 
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