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Remember. Remind. Record. My Journey to Visionary Fiction...

Visionary Fiction, as a genre, took me a long while to find. My writing never fit into any category - it wasn't fantasy exactly, not science fiction, it wasn't classic or modern fiction. One publisher once told me: "The writing is great, but I have no idea how to market it." And then I found Visionary Fiction. Or, better put, Visionary Fiction found me through VIZIA Fiction. It was a long long wait, but well worth it.

That was from a Facebook post. After I posted it to my Shytei Corellian Author page, my partner commented: "They will find you."

I almost burst into tears; I'd almost forgotten about that. See, he remembered something I told him a long time ago...

Over twenty years ago, shortly after my divorce, I went to see a channeler who was a friend of a friend. I'd never been to one before, but was rather excited for the meeting. I arrived, she welcomed me, we sat down on her couch, and she told me a little about how the channeling would probably go. She then asked me for something that I have with me as a rule and I pulled off a thick silver ring I wore all the time. She held it, closed her eyes, and the channeling began. Now, a great deal was said during this time, but to the point of this blog and the comment my partner made, there came a time during the channeling that I asked what I should do to get my writing into the world. "They" my guides said, "will find you when the time is right."

Needless to say, I have been on the lookout for "They" for a very long time. I believed my guides, but as my age and patience continued to wear thin, I thought I may just be dead before "They" found my work and published it all posthumously. I'm grateful to say I am not dead yet, and am presently enjoying the renewed sense of wonder I felt at my mate's post: "They will find you."

One of my top 5 mantras is: "Every no-answer is a friend."

Every publisher that said, "No", was a gift, leading me to the right publisher and the right home for my work. The 'Verse takes its own time. And though I have experienced a great deal of frustration, I never truly gave up, because I believed. I knew if I had the gift then there, logically, was a way prepared for it to find its way into the world and to those who are meant to read it.

I am over the moon pleased to be with this mighty little company, VIZIA Fiction, Visionary Publishing. I love the INDIE spirit! My partner is in Indie Filmmaking, and I have always been an Indie Writer.

Home is inside you, and it will find its own, no matter how long it takes. This step in my dream took over 40 years! Now, on to the next step! I've very excited, and feel very, very blessed.

Peace, yall!


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