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Remember. Remind. Record.™ A Starseed's Notes...Exponential Starseed Power

If you've read the book Power V Force by David R. Hawkins, you'll see a graph at the back detailing the "power" of certain emotional states. As a very right-brained person, I'm rarely impressed by statistics or numbers; I prefer the big picture of connectivity between things. That chart, however, tells an impressive story and gives profound insight into a certain Universal Truth. Many Starseeds are concerned, overwhelmed, and frustrated over the current state of Planet Earth. We keep hoping for things to get better even as we watch them spiral into ever deeper levels of hell. But, as Yazhi Swaruu said in a conversation I was listening to this morning, "Earth is not a democracy." What she was referring to is a concept I have long spoken on: Upon the cosmic web, 1 plus 1 does not equal 2. It equals 4. Light energy is exponential. The Universe, the Ether, tends toward light. That means 1 negative emotion equals 1 negative output. But 1 positive emotion equals 4 positive outputs. It may seem as if the default of this world is towards chaos, darkness, and destruction, but that is an illusion; one very convincingly constructed for the Earth experience. This idea however, like all else on Earth, is an illusion. The Universal Truth is that Light is inevitable. The whole 'Verse leans into it. The Ether spirals out into the dark, into the Hell Realms, but it cannot help but return, always, to the light because light is the Universe's Core Construct. So, dear Starseeds, as you move between states of joy and states of hopelessness, know that one happy thought, one thought of gratitude, holding the hand of someone you love and reveling in that, undoes a hundred horrible or depressing thoughts. The millions of Starseeds here on Earth are enough to turn the tide. In fact, we could say they already have. For the dark truths and hidden agendas of Controllers are being uncovered at a phenomenal rate. Stand fast. Hold your Ray. And when you fall into feelings of despair, don't worry about it. Let yourself experience that, and then let it move through. Go watch some cat videos and in a moment you will have jumped frequencies again, finding yourself on a higher plane, and that 1 higher frequency feeling from the heart will have easily overwhelmed the slump you'd found yourself in.

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti



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