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Remember. Remind. Record.™ A Starseed's Notes...Law of Attraction Clarification

LOA — Law of Attraction. Manifesting. What you think about you bring about. This Universal Law has always been around. The Ancients spoke of it. But in recent years it's attracted a load of unhealthy baggage that I'd like to unpack. When a universal law tries to find its footing in a third dimensional paradigm some things are likely to go array. Upon first learning about this law and diving into the myriad videos and books on the subject, one might get excited about manifesting that perfect job, perfect partner, perfect house, or that perfect pair of shoes. Do you see the problem here already? These are 3rd dimensional desires. What have they to do with why you're here? What have they to do with what your SOUL desires? In other words, what do these material items have to do with what you decided you wanted to experience upon incarnating here on Earth? When one desires to use this universal law to get that new fancy car, well, sure, go ahead and try. You might succeed. You will probably also lose that car because your soul, the real YOU, is far more interested in how you deal with loss than in gaining more material things. Like the panther's reflection, what if saying: Thy Will Be Done, giving your ego's manifesting desires over to the plan your own Higher Self laid out before you were born, is what true manifestation is about? What about trusting that you are already manifesting the life you chose? Just because it doesn't look the way this World says it should, does not mean you are not fulfilling, manifesting, exactly what big YOU, decided on before birth. Are you the form? Or its reflection? Of course, you are both. Which, then, is more closely attuned to the higher vibration, the higher viewpoint, of your own SOUL? When we begin manifesting in conjunction with attunement to our SOUL's desire, we will find life is perfect and fulfilling just as it is.

Let go and know that I am god.

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