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Metaphysical, Experiential, Observational, and often Mystical Musings 


Poetry Departure — A Starseed's Musings

Poetry is not for everyone, but for those who enjoy living in the grey, the mist, the nuances of space and time and things that remain entirely unsure, I will post a few of the over 300 poems I have written over the years...

This one is called "Ceremonies of Light and Dark" inspired by the episode of the same name in the series Babylon 5. Babylon 5 changed my life. Not because it opened my eyes to ideas and truths I didn't already know but because it validated the ones I already held in my heart and had never heard given voice before. J. Michael Straczynski. I'd like to thank him. I and so many others are so grateful for his brave work and insight into the true nature of our Universe...

“Ceremonies of Light and Dark”

I have been Reborn

— before

In a mountain cabin

on a hill side

I saw the review

— of the life

I saw the people

the place

knew it was true

“Ceremonies of Light and Dark”

I have died

given up

cried into the chains of pain

held a knife in my hand

ready to … begin

“Ceremonies of Light and Dark”

on a cushion

sitting Zen

I became everything

— and nothing

the light erupting

— from

Inside my mind

and I saw…

“Ceremonies of Light and Dark”

the rage

the hate

the resentment

the shedding off

the hurling out

towards …

“Ceremonies of Light and Dark “

touching the mind of angels


and gods

— to find

they were not so different

from my own

“Ceremonies of Light and Dark”

what was Is

What Is

has always been

What would I give up

that means so much to me?

What secret would I tell?

That I’ve never told before…

“Ceremonies of Light and Dark”

The light that I shine

The dark that I hide

Both …

a Ceremony

in the Sanctuary of Life

SMC © September 2, 2016 Credit/Inspiration: Babylon 5 “Ceremonies of Light and Dark”


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