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Remember. Remind. Record. ™ A Starseed's Notes — Contact Has Already Happened

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

I've seen ships with my own two eyes. I've been up in ships on my own two feet. Our galactic cousins are out there, but more importantly they're inside of us. Like we are each within the people and things we love and they inside of us, energy travels in spirals and circles — LIFE is a TOROID. I've seen blue ships and round ships, triangular ships and orbs. Each has its own class and its own classification. Each has its own purpose. Access isn't that hard. Sometimes, contact is spontaneous. Most of the time it's through meditation. Many of us wonder: When will contact happen? The truth is: Contact is the Way. Human beings have been in constant contact since they were first seeded here over 400 million years go. Planets are seeded, that is way of life in the Universe. Earth was seeded and its Planters have always been around, checking in, guiding, providing the evolutionary nudge here and there. Some might see this as interference, much as a child might see a parent saying no to candy or encouraging a different choice of mate or vocation as an intrusion. But generally, parents want the best for their children, they want to see them grow, they hate to see them hurt themselves or others. When people speak of an alien invasion I sometimes laugh with incredulity or sigh with great sadness. Our galactic families want only the best for us, and most choose not to show themselves openly for the express reason of not wanting to frighten us in anyway, much less actually harm us. In this case, they have often said: Open, global contact will not occur until humans first believe, not the other way around. It is as the saying goes: "Seeing isn't Believing, Believing is Seeing." They will only reveal themselves in a grand scale once Earthlings have already accepted that they are, and then are willing to interact peacefully. Then it will be a joyful reunion in the physical. Until that time, meeting with them in spirit, in the Ether, in pure consciousness is often their preferred method anyway, and one far grander than could ever be revealed in flesh.


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