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A Starseeds Notes — Remember. Remind. Record. Poetry Session...

Through the spiraling of our souls’ travels

The things we have seen

Worlds rise and fall …

The Lies

Stretched over the truth

Yet the truth still shines through

And the sleeping ones will rise again

There are those who will think I write to them

The rest will believe the same

I write to no one

I write to everyone

Here on Battlefield Earth

Starseeds in between

Are you a Starseed?

Was Neo the One when he first saw the Oracle?

We skip between what’s real

And what’s real for us

We see each other through our world-view filter

And resist what doesn’t fit

Does that mean aliens don’t exist?

For some, they might not

Do secret societies exist?

For some, they might not

Is it for your safety

Or to see how far they can control you?

Depends on your world-view…

During meditation I created a tulpa


He ate my unhelpful, tormenting thoughts

As food

Giving off burst of light with each bite

Blessed little thought-form

I am ever so grateful

There are angels all around us

Every moment

Ready to leap into action

At the smallest or greatest

Most heart-felt request

They don’t require positivity

But authenticity

They are independent beings

Don’t stress yourself out thinking you have to be perfect

There is no such thing

If you’d desired the experience of perfection

You would not have come to Earth

They will come at your request

Make themselves known

Indeed, they are already at your side


Cry and Scream

You’re already strong

Rise Up!

Fall down Hard

You’re already saved

A Soul cannot be otherwise

This world may crumble and fall

As we fight amongst ourselves

Over who’s right and who’s wrong

But the Ether is all outcomes

All realities

All Densities

At the same One Moment

It’s all there


Tune IN

Tune OUT

Change the Channel

Everything that Was

Or Will Be

Already IS

We’re in for some hard times

So give yourself a break

Take that Birds-Eye View

Watch the world spin

Watch a flower grow

A Snowflake fall

It will all pass

Nothing ever remains the same

More bad things will come

More good things will, too

That is Duality

Rise Up

Let yourself Fall Down

Today’s problems will become tomorrow’s memories

Today’s peace and quiet will become tomorrow’s woes

Round and Round

It’s really terrible

It will all be Okay

Call down your Angels

Reach out to your ever-present Guides

Tumble into love…

We will meet each other there

Shanti Shanti Shanti


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